Adoring Hermès Dining Sets



Despite being globally known for their leather goods and elegant cuts on couture, Hermès' are not as popular among fashion aficionados when it comes to beautiful dining sets and tableware.

Only one word can explain the overall design: exotic. We might expect something more subtle and timeless like Hermès usually do with their bags (remember Birkin? Nobody forgets it, anyway). Yes, they keep the iconic 'H' letter and rectangular ornamentation in their Mosaique series, but there's something more going around the table (pun intended). Have a closer look to their Carnets d'Equateur and Voyage et Ikat below. Get the clue. Break a leg - not the dining set.

Carnets d'Equateur series

Voyage et Ikat series

Yes. Two words resonate around our mind while staring at the beautifully painted tableware: Fine China. Their design are typically Asian, dating back to thousand years of history. They seem to combine some tropical moods to elevate the exotic sensation of the collection. Bursting in warm hues of flowers and indigenous fabric ornaments, Voyage et Ikat sails us back to the deeper charms of tropical jungle in Indonesia.

Bleus d'Ailleurs series

LEFT-RIGHT: Ikat Sapphire, Mosaique Gold, Cheval d'Orient

The impression is even made clear through their Cheval d'Orient collection, where it reminds us of romantic calligraphy of older Chinese dynasties. When it comes to shape, the jugs and containers are the one to die for if we desire some fine China fittings that still look harmonious with modern dining utensils. Overall, their indigo shades, for example in Bleus d'Ailleurs, becomes a signature color choice for Hermès designer tableware.

PHOTO: Hermès