2018 Office Design Trends



In this business-themed issue, HighEnd gathers a few office design ideas that are trending this year for consideration should our readers want to build a new office space, or refurbish their existing one.

Front and center branding

Companies should have something to greet people the moment they walk in, and the best option for that is putting the company logo visibly in front of the office. The logo also helps to tell the journey of the company, the humble beginnings, success stories and core principles.

The absence of walls

Although walls serve as privacy supplier, in most cases they are inconvenient and prevent a smooth flow of communication between workers. Previously, the walls were erected for separation between divisions. Now, instead of brick wall, or drywall, companies opt for glass partitions, screens, furniture, or even nothing to divide its departments.

Shared meeting spaces

Driven mostly by Millennials who like to converge in common areas for discussions and less formal meetings, collaborative meeting spaces are needed more and more these days, preferable without something solid enclosing it, referring to the absence of walls idea.

Homey corners

An office is where people work, but sometimes they need to take a breather in order to relax. The trend nowadays is to dedicate a few corners of the office with components of a home that allow people to unwind for a second before continuing their work.

Incorporating technology

The driving force of life these days is technology and its developments. For businesses, technology plays a big part, enabling faster and smarter operations thus being beneficial for the company. When designing an office, make room to integrate technology into the interior so that both would exist side by side pleasantly.

Go biophilic

Even though technology keeps on improving, humans have it in their heart to connect more with Mother Nature. Biophilic means love of life. This design is adopted by some offices by adding a devoted space where elements of nature are planted, especially if the workplace is located where access to nature is sparse.