The Four Beauties’ Project



People say two is better than one, but in this case four makes it merrier. Dominique Diyose, Paula Verhoeven, Laura Muljadi, and Kelly Tandiono once again prove why they are more than just a pretty faces through their latest collaborative work, Supermodels Project.

Dominique Diyose

One of Indonesia’s most celebrated models, Dominique recently gave birth to her bundle of joy, Aksadaru Mahameru, from her marriage to Ivan Handoyo. However, that doesn’t stop her from doing what she likes, that is teaching. As one fourth of Supermodels Project founders, she admits that teaching is not easy, but it brings her joy.

Turns out it’s not just a learning opportunity for the students, as even the bubbly and energetic supermodel also gains something from it. Dominique feels that from being a teacher, she learns something in return by exploring various methods of teaching. “I love to share, but there are so many variables within a class that require me to find a certain method of teaching, either it’s the students, the atmosphere, the subject, so many things. Thankfully, I don’t mind exploring it,” she shares.

Paula Verhoeven

Adoring Gisele Bündchen as a role model, Paula has a mission to create skillful students and help them reach their dreams through Supermodels Project. But of course, in the industry they need to work hard, as modeling isn’t as pretty as it looks. “When talking about models, the majority of people will only think about the fame and glamour. Little do they know all the hardships we have to bear to be a model,” the 30-year-old further adds.

In the midst of her full schedule, Paula also has to plan her upcoming wedding with Baim Wong. Regarding balancing her work and being a wife, she states that she still has no clue on how she will do it. As the wedding day is coming near, she admits she got more job offerings, but right now she’s still focused on planning her special day while working the best she possibly can.

Laura Muljadi

As a favorite amongst designers and fashion editors throughout the country, Laura has constantly proved to everyone why it is important to love yourself. The successful dark-skinned beauty shows that being different can be used as a weapon and she’d like to pass that mindset to her students. “It’s alright to idolize someone, but don’t try to be them. Why? Because they already exist, just be you because the real you, that’s one of a kind.”

Recently her students strut their way on stage at an event they did with JIM Academy and Laura can’t help but got teary-eyed. “Looking at them using what they have learned, and knowing that they listened to us, it was really touching. They tried their best. We tried our best. That’s when I realized, oh, I have done something good for them and for myself too,” she reminisces.

Kelly Tandiono

With her devil may care attitude that breaks the mainstream way of fashion style, Kelly wants to help those who join Supermodels Project to succeed in modeling, entertainment, and other things through hard work. Starting her modeling career at 14, Kelly learned that everything has to go through a long process. “Nothing ever comes in a snap. Hopefully all classes that we provide will give them skills for their career and life,” she wishes.

With the vast amount of experience, Kelly is a person who strongly believes that nothing feels better than being your own self. Channeling it out in modeling, she succeeds in creating the great charisma that she has today and helps her stand out from the others.


Model, actress, host, teacher—you name it all. These four incredible women have continuously broken the glass ceilings and overcome barriers both individually and collectively. Now, together guiding those to reach their dreams through Supermodels Project, it seems that sky is the limit for them.

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