Heri Dono at Latar



Even banking activities can go artistic.

PT BTPN Sinaya currently launched an art space called “LATAR” at BTPN Sinaya branch in Menara BTPN, Kuningan, Jakarta. Originated from Javanese term “backyard”, LATAR is designed as aesthetic amusement for customers visiting the office branch. The art space is adorned with many forms of art, ranging from paintings, installations, craftwork, and many others. BTPN announces Heri Dono, fellow avant-garde artist residing in Yogyakarta, as the first artist featured in the workshop. The artist will be displaying his Beatles-inspired solo exhibition “Yellow Submarine” until 10th May 2017 at LATAR. The art space will also feature other artists, from senior to newcomer, to periodically display their works.

Here are some selection of Heri Dono's single exhibition at LATAR:

The Submarine (2013), Acrylic on canvas 200x300 cm

Flying Angels (1996) FIber glass, cloth, bamboo, electronic kit

Fermentation of Nose (2011) fiberglass, books, multiplex, lamp, electronic kit. 140x100x86cm

Momotaro (2015), cardboard, acrylic paint, and bamboo



Photo: Larasati Oetomo & Anton