Even before the show started, hundreds of people already swarmed around The Westin Jakarta on December 7 2018 to witness the inspirational works of THE MASTERPIECE curated designers.

 The red carpet was, for sure, the hot spot. Dozens of guests from high profile society such as celebrities, designers, businessmen, and socialites spent some time for a pose or two on the red carpet before entering Java Ballroom. They all look gorgeous in outfits under the theme “Touch of Asia”. Here, we picked some of the most famed and best-dressed people during the gala.

Below, we got the MNC Lifestyle Awardee Defia Rosmaniar, businesswoman Lia Candrasari, and fashion designer Poppy Dharsono. They were seen wearing two-pieces with a touch of gold and white here and there.

LEFT- RIGHT :  Defia Rosmaniar, Lia Candrasari & Poppy Dharsono

The whole family of SamKim Skincare & Cosmetics also gathered for a lovely shot. Heddy Kandou stood on the center, surrounded by her colleagues and icons such as Rizal Otoluwa, Ferry Salim, Seus Dodo, and Amelia Salim.

Three fierce women stood beautifully in colorful dresses. They are musician slash producer Maia Estianty, singer Tasya Kamilla, and actor Maudy Koesnaedi.

LEFT- RIGHT : Maia Estianty, Maudy Koesnaedi & Tasya Kamila

One of our featured designers Ivan Gunawan also posed with Priscilla Yong. As expected, prominent accessory designer Rinaldy A. Yunardi also appeared in sleek, all-black outfits. Joining them are Margaret Vivi and Cynthia Go, who arrived with Mrs. Liliana Tanoesoedibjo in toning batik dresses.

LEFT - RIGHT : Cynthia Go and Margaret Vivi, Ivan Gunawan and Priscilla Yong & Rinaldy A Yunardi

Thanks to our dear sponsors and partners Alexandre Christie, Fagetti, SamKim Skincare & Cosmetics, Navapark, The Westin, and Zirconia from Swarovski, we are able to host a fashionable show for our exclusive invitees.

PHOTOS Rudi Sulistya & Isnu Dwimartanto