The Gunawarman Anniversary



Celebrating their 2nd anniversary, exquisite hotel The Gunawarman presented “A Toast to Luxury at The Gunawarman” on August 31st 2018

Starting early in the evening, the anniversary party was a feast to every sense. Guests did not only enjoy wine and canapés from Sofia at The Gunawarman. We also indulge in soothing live music and witness the highlight of the day: a photography installation by renowned photographer Davy Linggar for Syah Weddings. The photos display the sacred beauty of wedding ceremony as captured by Davy—all painted in monochromatic colors.

Mr. Dodi Pusdinata

The party was attended by prominent figures in hospitality industry and high society people. After spending some time chit-chatting accompanied by complimentary wine, the guests were having light dinner and cocktail party as the sun set.

Guesting the party are Dodi Pusdinata, General Manager of The Gunawarman, featured photographer Davy Linggar, and many others.

LEFT-RIGHT : Dahye Choi & Davy Linggar

LEFT-RIGHT : Dian Ayu, Kiara Mayang & Shella Hardianto

As a part of Syah Establishments, one of the most familiar groups in hospitality, The Gunawarman is expecting to offer distinctive staycation experience and host beautiful weddings in the future.

PHOTOS Febi Ramdhan