Not in This Lifetime!

ROBIN BOY on EVENTS, 26/10/18


Guns N’ Roses’ highly anticipated tour Not in This Lifetime is less than month away, but did you know the interesting story behind it?

Started in 2016, Guns N’ Roses’ tour Not in This Life Time will be reaching its tenth leg soon. Consisting of the classic line-up of Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash, they have toured to America, Europe, and now are rolling on to Asia. Per July 2018, the tour has been one of the most best-selling concert tours of all time with profit more than US$500 million.

However, there was an interesting story behind the band’s prestige tour. Six years ago, when asked about the possibility of Guns N’ Roses’ reunion with full line-up, Axl only gave a brief answer before leaving. And yes, you might have guessed it right—his answer was none other than “not in this lifetime”.

On top of that, Slash once mentioned that the reunion of Guns N’ Roses classic line-up will only last temporarily. At first, they only planned to do five shows, but then they were offered an American tour, and the rest is history.

The announcement of the concert with the classic line-up not only marks the first time the three performed together since 1993, but also marks Axl and Slash’s reconciliation. Of course, for their loyal fans it is a momentous event and they have been dying to witness the three performing on the same stage together again.

The legendary band Guns N’ Roses will be holding Not in This Lifetime Tour on November 8 in Jakarta. Promoted by UnUsUaL Entertainment and TEM, tickets can be booked through The newest information regarding the tickets and concert can be seen in Twitter account (@unusual_ent) and Instagram account (@temgmt).

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