Quirky 2019 Design Trends



2019 is all about three things in design world: 3D printing, environmental friendliness, and… edibility?

As we enter yet another year, interior designers around the world never seem to run out of ideas to develop these functional, whimsical appliances:

Ceramics on a Whim

How incredible would it be to print brand-new ceramics home décor anytime you feel like it? A new gadget that goes by the name Cerambot is a 3D printer that, unlike typical consumer grade ones that extrude plastic resins, utilizes clay as a more eco-friendly and organic material to be used by hobbyists, designers and artists. The Cerambot’s mechanism allows up to 0.1mm in precise accuracy, while its structure allows for taller and complex designs to be produced.

Twist to Dim

Without a dimmer, this lamp is still able to conveniently tackle the light’s brightness control with a simple twist of its mechanism. The Twist Pendant Light by OliveBird aka Evan Gant gives manual control by rotating the woven blades of its lamp structure to achieve the desired brightness. The mechanism of the slightly gritty and matte black nylon shades can then be locked into place to hold the brightness level.

Marbled Materials

In a move that combines art with environmental awareness, London-based designer Robin Grasby is making great use of marble-processing waste in his creations. The resulting material is terrazzo, which he describes as ‘beautifully chaotic’ is cheekily named Altrock.  The slabs are produced using 87% recycled material from luxury marble workshops, including marble flour, marble chips, chunks of offcuts and broken marble slabs, which are then combined with resin to bind the marble bits together.

Cake Inspired Vases

Designers can find inspiration nearly anywhere, and Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Erika Emeren found her calling from the Swedish cake, Spettekaka, a traditional confection from her homeland. Using a rotating cylinder of papier-mâché using a piping bag, similar to those used in baking, is used to form the outer layer of the artistic creations. The end products are bright, glossy, one-of-a-kind ceramic vases that resembles its colorful confectionary counterparts.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Design Milk, Dezeen