Konser Monokrom TULUS Jakarta



Konser Monokrom TULUS in Jakarta was successfully held on February 6, 2019 at Istora Senayan Jakarta.

Great enthusiasm was highly visible from Indonesian music lovers and certainly all Teman TULUS from various regions of the country. Of course, TULUS did not appear alone at this concert. He was accompanied by reliable musicians and led by music director, Ari Renaldi, Papermoon Puppet Theater on several songs.

After opening the show with his first two songs, TULUS took a moment for greeting the audience and continuing with the song Gajah. The audience did not stop cheering every time this singer from Bukittinggi started the intro of his songs. TULUS also looked very interactive that night, often engaging with the people, since the circular shape of the stage made it easy to approach his fans.

During Monokrom and Teman Hidup, the Papermoon Puppet Theatre went on stage and began sharing stories together with TULUS. In fact, this show even reached the audience seats in the stands. This beautiful performance is attached deeply to the audience that evening.

Towards the end of the concert, TULUS graciously thanked all the supporters of his concert who have come and participated that night, as well as his parents who were also present in the show.Then he moved on to continue with the songs Pamit and Manusia Kuat, closing the magnificent Konser Monokrom TULUS in Jakarta.

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